Royal Oak Services Ltd

As a team, we have produced many types of lighting schemes over  a number of years, covering external lighting, theatre lighting, dance-floor and night club lighting, pub and bar lighting schemes, neon displays and a wide range of colour change LED lighting systems.


Supply, installation and commissioning of all special effects lighting from intellegent lighting to LED systems.


Specialist programming skills for a wide range of lighting control systems. Advice on the type of system that best suits your needs and requirements from fully automated systems to manual control systems.


We have working relationships with all of the major specialist lighting equipment manufacturers and can provide professional advice for all applications.


We are also able to supply custom manufactured neon and LED lighting for specific projects.


Casino blue and red neon lighting.

Lighting Systems

Night club rig with LED, neon and intellegent lighting.

Please contact us if you need the services that we provide.

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